View: Inter Miami draws 0-0 as Messi rules MLS but is human.

Messi rules this globe. Imagine Miami as a planet that is renting out some of its orbit for a few more years. 

The rent is outrageous. It seems like a good deal. Considering that, well, he's Messi!After two months, 

we are still getting used to this unexpected and bizarre relationship while attempting ,

to rationalize a fantasy.What is simple to understand is Messi on the field. We all knew he was excellent, 

but he clearly excels in Major League Soccer. As a result, Wednesday night provided ,

a rare insight into the man's frailty.Prior to Wednesday night's 0-0 home match with Nashville, 

Inter Miami had a 9-0 record with Messi, thanks in large part to his 11 goals. This featured an 8-0 record ,

against MLS clubs.Messii took over a team in last position, but Inter Miami now has a chance to make ,


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