Vastu Reasons to Avoid Brown in Your Child's Room

You feel calm when you enter your child's room. Colors, decor, and everything appear in harmony. Hold that mental image for a second. 

Have you considered how colors in your child's room affect their well-being and growth? According to Vastu, the ancient Indian discipline of design, 

Brown, symbolizing soil, warmth, and stability, may be comforting for a child's room. It feels safe and organic.

Brown has its uses, but Vastu advises against overusing it in your child's room. The reason:

Vastu emphasizes balancing earth, water, fire, air, and space. Brown symbolizes soil. Overusing brown can cause an imbalance that may lower your child's energy.

Brown may darken and weigh a room if utilized improperly. Children require vivid, light, and inspiring spaces. 

Colors are psychologically meaningful. Brown may make your child feel serious and introspective, which is not what you want in their play and rest space.

Children thrive in colorful environments. Overpowering a room with brown might hinder visual development and inventiveness.


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