Tom Holland: 'I actually auditioned' for Peaky Blinders 

Widely acclaimed Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tom Holland,  

previously revealed a behind-the-scenes fact. He admitted that he had genuinely gone on an audition ,

for a part in the wildly successful Peaky Blinders BBC series. But despite his best efforts, 

he was unable to land the part. It's interesting that he opted to keep his choice of character a secret, 

letting people to theorize and create ideas.In an interview with LadBible, Tom Holland shared a fascinating ,

fact about how he got started as an actor. He described how he had actually gone on an audition ,

for a part in the legendary Peaky Blinders BBC series, which is directed by Cillian Murphy. 

"I actually auditioned for Peaky Blinders, but I didn't get the part," Holland admitted. 


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