The recent interview of Damian Lillard upset some reporters.

Most people anticipated Damian Lillard to talk about the Portland Trail Blazers when he sat down for an interview with Marc Spears recently.

But, rather than discussing his current trade request with the team, Lillard remained silent.

He stated that he would not discuss the current state of affairs due to his respect and affection for the franchise.

That simply wasn't enough for some Heat supporters.

Some folks in Miami were displeased with the way Lillard handled that interview, according to radio personality Dusty Harrah, via Dru on Twitter.

"There was literally a columnist in Miami just yesterday who said that the best course of action for Notre Dame is to go scorched earth on the Blazers," Harrah added.

Some folks appear to want Lillard to drop the gloves and make the situation with Portland even more tough.

So far, he has kept silent on his trade demand.While he has informed the team's front management of his desire to leave, he has done little else and has not spoken out in interviews.


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