Natasha Hamilton to go solo next year

Natasha Hamilton intends to begin her solo career next year.

The Atomic Kitten diva has been working on new music with a team of producers, but she had to postpone her solo debut 

when she discovered she was expecting her fifth child.

Natasha plans to launch her independent venture in early 2024, after spending time with her newborn daughter, Kitty Iris.

"It feels like my solo project has been in the works for a long time." "Obviously, we've paused it for the most incredible reason,

 she told OK! magazine. "But I can't wait to get my music out there." "It's upbeat pop/dance, and I've been working with some incredible producers 

who completely understand my musical style." Every time we go into the studio to write, it's a banger!

"We're planning to release it towards the start of next year because I want to perform at all of the festivals singing songs that people have previously heard.


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