Maine wants to get rid of these Nazi squatters.

An neo-Nazi group is threatening to hold a protest in Florida this month and has embarked on an interstate recruiting tour, targeting LBTQ-welcoming events in Ohio.

The gang is generating the most difficulty in Maine, where the leader is attempting to establish a headquarters.

The year 2023 was spent by the neo-Nazi organisation "Blood Tribe" attracting the interest of other white nationalists. 

The group has agitated at anti-LGBT protests while sporting bright red shirts and ski masks,

and it has inspired other far-right organizations to more completely adopt Nazi emblems and confrontational methods. 

A swastika flag march with another white supremacist group that has previously harassed residents of Jacksonville, 

a city still reeling from a different white supremacist's mass shooting at a Dollar General in August, 

is the group's anticipated next stunt, which will take place at an unannounced location and time in Florida this month.


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