Legend Of Zelda Games With The Best Storyline

With its dark and lore-filled tale, Breath of the Wild altered the Legend of Zelda franchise, but its storytelling ambitions didn't quite make it one of the franchise's top titles.

Skyward Sword's ambitious and theatrical storytelling, as well as its study of the connection between Zelda and Link, make it a notable chapter in the franchise for many fans.

The Minish Cap distinguished out for its distinct location and storyline, which deviated from the standard Zelda formula and included intriguing mythology about the ancient Picori.

Throughout the long history of the Legend of Zelda series, there has been a wide range of games that straddle genres, dimensions, and time

itself, giving the impression that anything might happen in this renowned franchise that has helped shape the video game industry.

Some Legend of Zelda games, on the other hand, manage to focus on their tales inside that universe with varying degrees of success. 

 The Legend of Zelda franchise has always placed a high value on outstanding storytelling, from the beginning when Link was simply running around a 2D dungeon to the most current explosive adventures in large open-world settings.

One of the best things about the Legend of Zelda series is that practically every game can serve as a terrific starting point for new fans. 

With decades of history spanning Hyrule and the numerous Links, the concept of molding it all into a unified history of canon seemed too abstract for anyone but the most ardent Zelda fans.

The three main dragons in Tears of the Kingdom can enter and depart the Depths at will. RoyalGuardLink landed on Naydra as she exited the chasm.

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