Jennifer Lawrence reveals she never understood 'Mother's' plot

Jennifer Lawrence has not been shy about talking about her acting career in the years before to the release of the comedy picture No Hard Feelings,

 which marked her return to the performing world. In point of fact, the actress discussed Mother!,

one of her most commercially unsuccessful films, in a recent interview. According to Lawrence,

who at the time was dating the film's director, she was never able to understand what was going on in the plot. 

Although Jennifer Lawrence has had economic and critical success throughout her career, 

some of her movies have caused audiences to be mystified. One such example is the psychological horror thriller Mother!, 

which was released in 2017 and features her co-starring alongside Javier Bardem. 

In the movie, Jennifer Lawrence plays the role of a young pregnant lady who is put through a lot of emotional turmoil after a group of strangers break into her house. 


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