Hunter Shot, Montana Grizzly Bear Killed in "Self-Defense Encounter"

Two hunters went out for a hike in the Flathead National Forest in Montana on the afternoon of the 26th of August 

when they came across a mother grizzly bear and her youngster.

 According to a news statement that was just distributed by the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (FWP),

the sow rushed the guys from a distance of around 15 yards. Despite the fact that they were successful in shooting

 and killing the bear before it could attack, one of the guys shot his hunting buddy in the back of the shoulder by mistake during

the pandemonium caused by the animal's assault.At this point in time,

 it is not known how severe the injured hunter's gunshot wound is or how extensive its damage is. 

When Field & Stream attempted to get a statement out of FWP, the agency did not react right away.


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