How This Revolutionary Knee Sleeve Is Killing Knee Surgeons and Pain Medication Companies

Your knees deteriorate and become "rusty" over time, just way door hinges do.

Problems result from this. In fact, one in three persons will ultimately experience knee discomfort, which may limit their movement and freedom.

Between the joints of healthy knees, there is typically lubricant and cushioning. Your knee bones may now move smoothly, much like a well-oiled machine, thanks to this.

But over time, this cushioning deteriorates from walking, jogging, bending over, and other motions. 

Furthermore, the lubricant that keeps your joints moving smoothly dries out like a lake during a drought.

What's left are exposed, "crumbly" knee joints that scrape against one another and resemble old chalk more than actual bone.

Bone-on-bone knee grinding has the drawback that it won't get better on its own. Aging, 

 which is the leading cause of knee problems, is regrettably unavoidable. Exercise and movement are two of the few things that might be beneficial.


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