How the first ticket bot creator made $2.3 million from one U2 tour

Ken Lowson, a prominent ticket scalper, discussed his lucrative career in scalping and the extravagant lifestyle it afforded him. 

Lowson was known as the "king scalper" and operated Wiseguy Tickets, which made over $25 million in profits.

He developed a sophisticated ticket bot that could bypass CAPTCHA codes, allowing him to buy tickets in bulk.

One of Lowson's most profitable ventures was during U2's 2005 Vertigo tour, exploiting fan club membership codes for tickets.

Lowson's actions led to public backlash, but he admitted to being consumed by addiction and selfishness at the time.

The FBI raided Wiseguy Tickets in 2009, indirectly leading to the BOTS Act of 2016 aimed at curbing ticket scalping.

Despite probation, Lowson returned to the ticket business, now working to assist fans by sharing insights and tips.

The Vice special also covered recent ticket controversies, including Taylor Swift's concert ticket issues and Senate hearings on competition in the live entertainment industry. Antitrust measures were considered as a potential solution.


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