Deion Sanders Denies FSU Affiliation In Preseason Presser

Deion Sanders was one of FSU's top players before going on to have a Hall of Fame career in the NFL. 

But now he's rejecting his Seminole heritage.Coach Prime was asked about his college 

affiliation during a news conference at Colorado on Tuesday. He described himself as "an HBCU grad," not a Nole.

The matter arose after a reporter inquired about the recent visitors he'd had on campus in Boulder this offseason. 

Former Florida coach Urban Meyer and renowned Miami Hurricanes Michael Irvin

and Warren Sapp are among the college football celebrities.

In a recent media appearance, the reporter, who was also a graduate of 'The U,' said the following:

"I've got to check you, though, because those Hall of Famers (Irvin and Sapp) were all Hurricanes like myself - and you're a 'Nole, my friend."


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