Dancing With the Stars' Derek Hough marries Hayley Erbert

Derek Hough, a "Dancing With the Stars" judge and former pro, married longterm girlfriend and fellow dancer Hayley Erbert on Saturday.

The DWTS alums met in 2014 while touring in a traveling version of the show alongside Hough and his sister,

dancer Julianne Hough, and began dating the following year. According to People, 

 the pair swore to dance together forever at a Monterey County, California, wedding attended by 106 people on Saturday.

"We're in the middle of a redwood forest, but we got married right in front of this mother tree that's surrounded by all these smaller trees,"

Erbert told People. "They scatter all the seeds, and it grows into an army of children to protect the mother.

It was magnificent in its symbolism. We've come to plant our seeds in order to build our family."

They began celebrating on Thursday, giving a welcome party for guests at a cliffside mansion in Carmel,


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