Constantine 2: The Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know

Constantine 2 is apparently in the works at Warner Bros., with John Wick's Keanu Reeves returning in the starring role.

Keanu Reeves made his one and only appearance as DC's John Constantine in director Francis Lawrence's 2005 solo film. 

So it came as a huge surprise when it was revealed in September 2022, just before James Gunn's DCU reboot announcement, that a sequel was in the works, with both Reeves and Lawrence returning under Akiva Goldsman's script.

At the time of the previous update in March 2023, Reeves noted that while they are "trying" to get Constantine 2 off the ground, he "[didn't] know" if it will happen under the new DC leadership.

C Studios co-CEO James Gunn has said that the bar for an Elseworlds project outside the DCU, likely Constantine 2, will be "higher" than those in the connected world since it will necessitate something "really special."

As a result, for Constantine 2 to join the ranks of DC's Elseworlds with Matt Reeves' The Batman and Todd Phillips' Joker, the authors will have to offer an especially excellent screenplay.

Just weeks before Reeves' ambiguous remarks, the actor confessed he had Gunn has been approached regarding Constantine 2, implying that work will proceed under the new DC Studios ownership.

While the project may still be shelved or locked in development hell, there has been no formal cancellation of Constantine 2.

Constantine 2's development is unknown, although given its recent announcement and concern about its success, it's likely early on.

Constantine 2 Release Date?


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