Colin Cowherd Predicts AFC and NFC Playoffs

"In the AFC, the Dolphins, Bengals, Jaguars, Chiefs, Bills, Chargers, and Ravens." I'm keeping a watch on the Broncos to see if they can straighten out their offensive line in the next ten days, and I'm keeping an eye on the Steelers.

They had won six of their previous seven games. At least four teams [entering the playoffs] have changed every year for the past three decades, so let's go on to the NFC; there's a lot of stuff shifting,

and that's where the most of my adjustments are because you don't have the dominating quarterbacks [Brady, Rodgers].

I currently have the Eagles, Lions, Panthers, Niners, Seahawks, Vikings, and Saints in my lineup. Last year, the Lions, Panthers, and Saints all failed to make the playoffs.

 I'll be watching the Cowboys and Giants. To begin with, the Giants just signed Isaiah Simmons and Darren Waller, thus I believe the 'toughness' of their schedule is exaggerated. 

Everyone is trying to get rid of their Giants stock. Not to be a skeptic, but I believe they will be fine. I'm not sure how good it is—probably extremely nice.

 I'll keep a watch on the Cowboys. Everyone loves the Cowboys this year, but do they realize they recently lost perhaps the best offensive coordinator in the league [Kellen Moore]? And now Mike McCarthy is in charge of calling plays? 

I don't even trust him with the clock. It's not excellent in my opinion. Have we seen Dak Prescott at his best?

He's now simply a pocket quarterback, and he's never been a particularly good one. We no longer have the ability to move about. They're also a Tony Pollard or CeeDee Lamb injury away.

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