‘America’s Got Talent’ season 18 episode 12: ‘Qualifiers 1’ performs worst to best.

In 18 seasons, “America's Got Talent” began live qualification rounds on August 22, 2023. A favorite costume by Terry Crews, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum,

Howie Mandel, and Sofia Vergara welcomed viewers back to the show. What were this episode's highlights? Who should proceed in competition? Top 11 acts are below. Tuesday's acts: who will win $1 million this year?

11. Lambros Garcia: First and foremost, I liked every performance from this first live round of the season and admired the artist mix. In the live rounds, Lambros Garcia wowed me, but his audition was better

10.Brynn Cummings: I loved her audition, so I was excited for her follow-up. Nobody dislikes puppets and magic. Impressive act

9. Adrian Stoica and Hurricane: Everything about this performance looked great. Our dog didn't like the show as much as us. 

8. Mitch Rossell: I felt conflicted when performing. Mitch's vocals stood out this time, and he has great potential. I needed more guitar playing, his expertise

7. Ray Wold: The audition scared me and made me wonder if this needs the fire department. Of course, the follow-up performance made me

SAINTED Trap Choir proves “bigger is better.” After witnessing the audition, I understand how this would work live. I enjoyed this performance and the Barbie pink outfits


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