Adele 'collapsed backstage during Las Vegas residency' due to health issues

The hitmaker, who is 35 years old, claimed that she had fallen because of an episode of sciatica, and a member of her production team had to assist her in getting back up off the floor. 

The actress recently made her way back to The Colosseum at Caesars Palace after taking a vacation 

of one month in order to resume her run of Weekends With Adele events, which is scheduled to continue all the way up through the month of November.

She told her audience in Sin City about the flare-up of her spinal condition and acknowledged that her crew had to 

"pick my whole body up off the floor." This took place during the performance.

She was reportedly compelled to take time off and step down from the platform during her performance at the weekend and said that she was going to sit down and rest her sciatica.

This information was obtained via The Sun.

The singer who is best known for her role in Rolling in the Deep went on to reveal the following: "Early on this year I started bragging about my sciatica,


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