8 methods to keep your kids engaged in guitar playing

Keep outside distractions at bay with these eight fun and encouraging techniques to help your child remain with the guitar.

Ripping a solo in front of thousands of people is more exciting and cool than learning your major and minor scales. Attend a concert with your kids to witness the finished product. It can help them set a goal and visualize how their practice will lead to it. 

1.Take them to a gig

The trick is old. Guitar players flock for new gear when uninspired. We usually want a new guitar or amp when we're bored, but they're expensive. An inexpensive accessory or set of strings might revive the spark as it dulls.

2. Buy them a new piece of gear

If your youngster has to unpack and pack their guitar every time they play, that's another chore. Keeping the instrument on a stand makes it easy to grab. If inspiration comes, like hearing a song they enjoy and wanting to learn it or produce something similar, the guitar is there to keep them motivated.

3. Keep the guitar accessible

Many internet platforms teach kids guitar. Online guitar lessons can be scheduled around homework and hectic schedules to keep kids interested. Log in and learn at your own pace. There's much of fantastic online content on basic to expert skills and tunes. 

4. Try online lesson

If time allows, learn with them. You can share guitars to save buying another guitar. Besides sharing instrument knowledge, you might discover new music or challenge each other to learn songs. Maybe make it a weekly race to memorize a song first, depending on their nature. 

5. Learn with them

Find an excuse for your musician buddies to play when your youngster is present. Talk to them and see if they can jam. whether you know other parents with kids that play, invite them over to check whether they like the same music.

6. Introduce them to other musicians

This depends on your child, but interesting challenges might keep them engaged in guitar. Talk about their favorite music, even if it's not in courses or books. Set small challenges based on their music tastes.

7. Set them fun challenge

Gently encouraging your child to play guitar can keep them interested, depending on their personality and relationship with you. If they're bored or need something to do, recommend they pick up the guitar. 

8. Give enough encouragement


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